“I am happy with the way am treated in  Smart Socs.
I feel like a valued member of the family and I am glad to contribute to SmartSocs.”
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SmartSoC Solutions is emerging as a Top class leading semiconductor engineering solution providers. We always offer our customers the services which is the right solution for their tasks,whether it is a chip which is customized to their requirements (ASIC), a standard product which can be implemented quickly (ASSP), or a complete micro-system as symbiosis of sensor and evaluation electronics.


Leveraging decades of technology excellence and partnerships, we are shaping the next wave of the digital revolution, adding significant value for businesses and consumers in the area of semiconductor services all around the world.


For many semiconductor clients, SmartSoC Solutions is a trusted appendage of their own product teams.

Facts about SmartSoC Solutions:
  • Leader in the field of semiconductor services

  • SmartSoC engineers are there in almost all semicon product companies

  • Design resources: Many years of experience (25+ years) combined with young teams

  • Long-term customer relationships

  • In-house training


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ASIC Verification Engineer 
Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad
Experience: 3 - 12 Years

Required Skills & Knowledge 

  • BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech or equivalent in ECE/EEE 

  • Design and develop test benches using HVLs like System Verilog, Specman etc.

  • Deep expertise in Verification Methodologies like OVM, UVM, VMM

  • Should have experience in creating verification environment and test plans

  • Domain expertise either Networking protocols / Interface protocols like PCIe, USB, SATA / SoC Verification is essential

  • Familiarity with Scripting languages

  • Good written and communication skills

Physical Design Engineer
Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad
Experience: 3 - 9 Years

Required Skills & Knowledge 

  • BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech or equivalent in ECE/EEE 

  • Strong back ground of ASIC Physical Design: Floor planning, P&R, Extraction, IR Drop Analysis, Static Timing and Signal Integrity.

  • Have some experience on advance Technology: 28nm, 40nm, 45nm, 65nm

  • Hands on experience in cadence or Synopsys tool (Encounter, ICC, PT/PTSI, TEMPUS, DC, RC, VOLTAS)

  • Familiarity with Scripting languages

  • Good written and communication skills

Analog Layout Engineer
Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad
Experience: 3 - 6 Years

Required Skills & Knowledge 

  • BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech or equivalent in ECE/EEE 

  •  Layout in advanced CMOS technologies including floorplan, placement, routing, DRC, LVS etc.
    2. Should have worked on 16nm and below technology nodes on various analog mixed signal blocks such as PLL, Bandgap, ADC, DAC, SERDES, IO etc.
    3. Engineer should be well versed with tools such as Virtuoso/XL/GXL, IC12.1, Calibre etc.

  • Good written and communication skills

Design Implementation

  • Micro-architecture design

  • RTL design

  • SoC integration

  • IP Development

Design Verification

  • SoC/IP Functional Verification

  • Low Power Verification,Analog Mixed Signal Verification

  • Hardware & Software Co-verification

  • Verification IP Development and Verification

  • SystemC /TLM Modelling

  • Formal Verification

Physical Design

  • Floor Planning

  • Place & Route

  • Clock Tree Synthesis

  • Timing Closure

  • Signal Integrity

  • Extract \ DRC \ LVS

  • Tape-out

  • GDSII Generation

Embedded Software

  • Platform engineering

  • System integration

  • Protocol engineering

  • Application development, porting and sustenance

  • Testing