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Small form factor to multi-board system designs

Embedded Expertise from Design to Development across the verticals

SmartSoC accelerate the R&D cycle and drive new product development. Our portfolio includes system architecture as well as design, development, product validation and testing for Embedded Software across a variety of hardware platforms 


Our Expertise

End to end services ranging from product conceptualization to testing.


Platform Support



SmartSoC focuses on driver safety, comfort systems and services around AUTOSAR, ADAS and connected cars.

While other industries, such as telecommunications or mobile phones/handsets, have already been disrupted, the automotive industry has seen very little change and consolidation so far. But it is under tremendous pressure to undergo such disruptions. Driverless cars, Electric cars are forefront in such innovations







Proprietary RF




As an industry, it took us about 20 years to connect 1 percent of the world. And in the next ten years, we believe that number will go up dramatically. We’ll make significant progress in connecting the 99 percent that’s still unconnected.

SmartSoC support from software and services associated with chipsets to quickly adopt hardware platforms at new age juncture of technological innovation and convergence.

With the omnipresence of tech devices today, Semiconductor industry is on rise. Embedded systems in chips are increasingly designed to incorporate the real-time dimension. With accuracy, time-to-market, quality as its critical coefficients, we have helped many tier-1 clients

Solving the rising volume, cost, and complexity of storage, SmartSoC focuses on storage architecture, design, operations and performance.

If people are the heart of an organization, then the data center could be considered its brain, and maybe even its mouth. Quality storage and handling are key to an organization’s success. The demand for storage has grown more than 50% annually in recent years, a rate faster than the rapidly decreasing unit cost of storage. If storage costs continue their rapid rise, enterprises must manage storage more efficiently if they are to exploit new forms of information such as more detailed financial data, digital images in life sciences or video in media companies

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