New Opportunities in Tech Development

New Opportunities in Hi-Tech Development

In the current Hi-Tech development, arena opportunities are plenty. One needs to see how he can maximize his skill and expertise to service the need and gets benefitted monetarily. Here comes the new buzz xAas – x As a Service. See a few examples below which can benefit new start-ups, the service sector, and individual/tech expert groups(Hi-Tech development). Use this to market and brand your company to grow.


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Silicon AaS – SiaaS – Silicon as a service

Semiconductor development activities end-to-end or part of the development cycle as a service

Design AaS – Daas – Design as a service

Design is a very vast area and applicable to many domains like product design, Chip design, Software application design, UI/UX design. This complete Design element of an product can be a specialized area and given as a service.

DFT AaS – Dftaas – Design For Test as a service

DFT – Design for Test is a specialized area in Chip design phase and requires specific domain knowledge in chip testing and test implementation. This expertise is very sought out in the semiconductor industry. This specific development phase it self can be focused as a job and one can service this. Excellent opportunity for StartUps/service and specific Tech-groups to provide this as a service. 

SmartSoC – A reliable partner As a Service for VLSI Chip development, Embedded, and Software IT survives.

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